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Speccy fails to report mainboard name in a pure UEFI environment


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Preface: A UEFI, the sucesssor to the BIOS, can contain a Compatibility Support Module (CSM). It's a compatiblity layer that allows the firmware to boot legacy MBR-based operating systems, but it also provides legacy BIOS functions even if the OS is booted in UEFI mode, for example BIOS interrupt calls.


My UEFI provides an option to disable the CSM: Screenshot.


If I do that, Speccy fails to report the model name of the mainboard: Screenshot. Beside that, the "BIOS" submenu in the "Motherboard" menu is also empty.

If enable it, everything works fine: Screenshot.


This bug is likely to become more widespread in the future because the Hardware Certification for Windows 8, which is sought after by OEMs, does not allow the CSM to be active when Secure Boot is used and even forbids including a CSM if the Connected Standby feature is to be supported: "When Secure Boot is Enabled, Compatibility Support Modules (CSM) must NOT be loaded. Compatibility Support Modules are always prohibited on systems that support connected standby."



/Edit: Seems like it has been fixed in version 1.22.536.

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