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Hover to quick view and Always on Top

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Hello guys, would like to thank you for the great app. and for the latest great update that allows it to be minimized to system tray. As I use speccy mainly to monitor the temprature of my computer, it's always important for me to have it running all the time. I have a couple of suggestions for you that would actually make it easier for everyone to use Speccy:

  1. Hover mouse on Speccy icon in system try for quick view: Some applications have this very helpful feature, you just hover ur mouse on the icon in system tray and this opens the window of the application for as long as the mouse is sustained on the icon and disappears once the mouse moves away.
  2. Always on Top: Inculde this option in Speccy. Somtimes it's needed to be always on top!
  3. Dynamic system tray icon: Maybe it will be a good idea if the color of the icon changes (red to green) according to the CPU temprature.
  4. Start with windows: Yes anyone could add a shortcut to the application in the Startup folder and this will make it start with windows, but well, it just makes things easier to have it as an option in the program itself.

I hope you find this interesting. Wish you guys all the best ;)

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