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CCleaner not clearing Chrome History

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I submitted a previous post a couple of weeks back about CCleaner not clearing cookies/flash cookies in Chrome.


I have noted over the last two days that it is not clearing my Chrome Internet History at all - I am having to clear it manually through Chrome.


I have checked the Task Manager and restarted my PC again, then tried again but Internet History is still listed.


Can anybody please advise - is this a current problem?






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Perhaps Chrome has updated beyond the reach of the month old version of CCleaner and you may need to wait for Piriform to update

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update today

however (though I can't fully verify) this seems to be happening (for my cobbled together Google Chrome Portable entries) with 4.02 as well. (I only get cache and session cleaned)

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I know I was/and still am having issues with the CustomLocation1="CHROME|C:\Google Chrome\Data\profile\Default"


entery in Ccleaner.ini the same path works if I change CHROME| to Firefox| so I am thinking it is a ccleaner bug.


ditto with Iron.

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