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One idea for CPU information

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One thing I was thinking to add to CPU was information of 32 bit or 64 bit support.


It might not matter now because most CPU's that are new support 64 bit by default, but currently I am using an asus 1215n Eee pc that has the intel atom D525 and apparently I just found that this whole time i've had 64 bit support, but it came with 32 bit by default.


Maybe under CPU it could say something to the extent...

"Current OS is 32 bit, but you have capability for 64 bit"


"CPU Supports : x64, Current: x86"



Also i just noticed this, it says i have AVG internet securit 2012 installed when I actually have the 2013 version installed (under operating system), no big deal though.


just an idea thats all

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I believe you have a free choice of whether to install a 32 bit version or a 64 bit version of Windows on 64 bit hardware.

You have no choice on 32 bit hardware, all you can install is 32 bit Windows (or Linux).


I see no point in showing that the CPU is 64 bit capable if the motherboard and memory are only 32 bit.


Please remember that 6 GB of 64 bit RAM is twice as large/expensive as 3 GB of 32 bit RAM,

and yet both will run out of available RAM for exactly the same set of applications.


Even if all the hardware was 64 bit capable, would the user really benefit from confronting the pain that :-

His system is in theory (even if not in reality) less effective than it could be ;

To maximise effectiveness there is not only extra financial cost,

but also the frustration of a fresh installation of Windows followed by reinstalling applications and restoring all the user documents/files that were hopefully backed up.

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