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Recuva stops early on without recovering file . . . where it says "processing"

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They said this was the best of the best software for finding lost files, but I don't know . . . .


I'm looking for something I deleted when cleaning out my files. It's called MFC71u.DLL and it's used by applications that are created in Microsoft Visual Studio. I need it to get Outlook up again, and to uninstall Shock Wave (Adobe).


Using Recuva, the software stops right near the beginning, where it says "processing." I left it on overnight, and it stayed stopped.


I don't see how people say this program is so good. Is there an alternative on the market?


I think I did everything right in setting it up.

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When posting about a problem please always give as much info in your first post as possible.


What operating system are you using?


What is the background to how you actually deleted the file?


Have you tried running a System File check?


You may have to resort to something like this if you cannot find it, it could even have been overwritten if you are still using your machine.




If MFC71u.DLL came with a Microsoft application then running a sfc may restore it.

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