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What do you get with CCleaner Professional?


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RE: What's the difference between the two versions ? <_<


To find the difference between the different versions, search for product matrix on the Piriform web page in reference to the Professional version drop down.

I had a tough time finding this and hope they will find a less obscure method of presenting this information.

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This is my biggest hold-back from buying CCleaner, is that I don't wnat to have to pay for a copy of the program for each computer in the house. BUT contrary to your post that,

Also you can use the licence on all the computers you own at your home.


...the matrix page says: "Licensing: Per Computer"


Can you show me somewhere else that says I can install CCleaner on both computers in my home? I don't plan on purchasing until I know I can use it household-wide. Thanx

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the matrix is for business use

Ccleaner Professional is a home product and is separate/different licensing. Moderators were given official word that Ccleaner Professional can be install on each of your HOME computers (ex: Desktop + Laptop + Wife's Netbook + Kids' Surface Pro)

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