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Recuva stops/closes during deep scan


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When I try to run a deep scan on a computer, Recuva suddenly closes without a message. This only happens on one harddrive, the other are scanned fine.

When I cancel the deep scan I see some files that I can recover, but I'm looking for certain files and I don't known when they are scannend.


I ran Recuve in debug modus, this is the beginning and end of the log file:

[2013-04-13 22:18:07] [iNFO ] Recuva v1.46.919
[2013-04-13 22:18:07] [iNFO ] System Info: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit, Intel Core2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz, 2.0GB RAM, RADEON X700 PRO
[2013-04-13 22:18:33] [iNFO ] CDriveInfo::CDriveInfo: Boot sector:


[2013-04-13 22:49:33] [ERROR] LibRecuva::Util::ExceptionFilter: jpg error
[2013-04-13 22:49:36] [ERROR] LibRecuva::Util::ExceptionFilter: jpg error
[2013-04-13 22:49:51] [ERROR] LibRecuva::Util::ExceptionFilter: jpg error
[2013-04-13 22:49:52] [ERROR] LibRecuva::Util::ExceptionFilter: jpg error
[2013-04-13 22:49:53] [ERROR] LibRecuva::Util::ExceptionFilter: jpg error
[2013-04-13 22:49:54] [ERROR] LibRecuva::Util::ExceptionFilter: Not a PNG file
[2013-04-13 22:50:02] [ERROR] LibRecuva::Util::ExceptionFilter: jpg error
[2013-04-13 22:50:13] [ERROR] LibRecuva::Util::ExceptionFilter: Out of Memory
[2013-04-13 22:50:22] [ERROR] LibRecuva::Util::LogBaseException: WinAPI exception: WinAlloc.cpp(77) : Unknown system error: 0x00000008 (0x00000008)

[2013-04-13 22:50:25] [ERROR] LibRecuva::Util::LogBaseException: WinAPI exception: WinAlloc.cpp(77) : Unknown system error: 0x00000008 (0x00000008)

[2013-04-13 22:50:25] [iNFO ] CNtfsUndeleterImpl::FindFileRecords: Building folders
[2013-04-13 22:50:25] [iNFO ] CNtfsUndeleterImpl::FindFileRecords: Restoring tree
[2013-04-13 22:50:25] [iNFO ] LibRecuva::Utils::LogOperationDuration::LogOperationDuration: LibRecuva::Scan::StageAnalyzeDamage::AnalyzeDamage started.
[2013-04-13 22:50:25] [iNFO ] LibRecuva::Scan::StageAnalyzeDamage::AnalyzeDamage: Analyzing damage of 58327 files.
[2013-04-13 22:50:25] [iNFO ] CDamageAnalyzer::PerformAnalysis: 43745 deleted files, 35 filesystem objects
[2013-04-13 22:50:25] [iNFO ] LibRecuva::Utils::LogOperationDuration::~LogOperationDuration: LibRecuva::Scan::StageAnalyzeDamage::AnalyzeDamage ended. It took 0.218000 seconds.
[2013-04-13 22:50:25] [iNFO ] LibRecuva::Utils::LogOperationDuration::LogOperationDuration: LibRecuva::Scan::StageAnalyzeDamage::ProcessEmails started.
[2013-04-13 22:50:25] [iNFO ] LibRecuva::Utils::LogOperationDuration::~LogOperationDuration: LibRecuva::Scan::StageAnalyzeDamage::ProcessEmails ended. It took 0.110000 seconds.
[2013-04-13 22:50:25] [iNFO ] LibRecuva::Utils::LogOperationDuration::LogOperationDuration: LibRecuva::Scan::StageAnalyzeDamage::ProcessRecycleBin started.
[2013-04-13 22:50:25] [iNFO ] LibRecuva::Utils::LogOperationDuration::~LogOperationDuration: LibRecuva::Scan::StageAnalyzeDamage::ProcessRecycleBin ended. It took 0.078000 seconds.
[2013-04-13 22:50:25] [iNFO ] LibRecuva::Utils::LogOperationDuration::LogOperationDuration: LibRecuva::Scan::StageAnalyzeDamage::FilterFiles started.

Is there a possibility to run a whole deep scan on the harddrive?

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Hi and welcome,

The developers and bugfixers read all threads so they'll see your debug report. They may not comment unless the need more information. Although I would help GREATLY for a non-truncated complete report. Please add one to this thread (you may have to Change the Extension to .txt

I've made your report more readable with code tags.

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cool thanks they're sure to look at it, if the don't need anymore information you won't hear from them but they will indeed work on this as they do all bug reports

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Some more information:


All the data was original on a Windows XP setup. It was copied to this hard disk and Windows 7 is installed. There it went wrong and all drives were empty.

One weird thing that I noticed is that the whole drive (e:) is empty, but Windows says that 94,4 mb of the drive is used. Also no hidden files or something.


When I cancel the deep scan I do get some results. I get file names with no data attached and numbered files which with an image sample. But I can't finish a whole scan to start picking the files that I want to retrieve (most the files that I want are numbered and the name is lost).

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Help me please Recuva stop scan 25% no memory capacity, my sistem w7 ultimate 32 bits and not found files http://prntscr.com/13ssad

Please do not hijack someone else's bug-report topic with your problem.

Start your own topic witha suitable title in the discussion forum.

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