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ms defender and ms security essentials

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hi fans :-)


a question about ms def and ms sec ess...


i have the search-function used and found any *cache*.* files.


are this only temporary files and i can this delete or are the files important for ms defender and security ess....?


the blue selected are about 250 MB..


the antimaleware are about 160 MB and the rest are from Defender...

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i have now uninstalled the version ms security ess. 4.1.0522

than cleaned and restarted my pc...installed the new version .... and updated older big 68 MB signature how used in 4.1.0522 and one day later i installed the newest big signature-file - perhaps there are also such " mpcache*.bin " on such degree of dimension...


but luckily

there are no such "mpcache-....bin*" files with summary 100 and more MB.


i think, this blue selected files as in pic 1 can be deleted. :)

i believe this were intended only temporary files


only if anyone finds such files too.

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