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Version exits even in debug no dump?


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running in debug mode with only graphics exits

driver rolled back and downloaded again same error


log shows



2013-03-24 12:43:30] [iNFO ] TryAddFile C:\Windows\SysWow64\ig4icd32.dll

[2013-03-24 12:43:30] [iNFO ] QueueCallback START

[2013-03-24 12:43:30] [iNFO ] TryAddFile C:\Windows\system32\igfxCoIn_v2189.dll

[2013-03-24 12:43:30] [iNFO ] TryFillDriversFromDrvinfo END

[2013-03-24 12:43:30] [iNFO ] (Video) DeviceVendor=0x8086

[2013-03-24 12:43:30] [iNFO ] (Video) Addr version

[2013-03-24 12:43:30] [iNFO ] (Video) Unknown card (Video Device object not created)

[2013-03-24 12:43:30] [ERROR] (Video) Devices container is empty -> return false

[2013-03-24 12:43:30] [iNFO ] Driver: Driver unload OK.

[2013-03-24 12:43:30] [iNFO ] FillWmiVideo 1 objects

[2013-03-24 12:43:30] [iNFO ] Name=Intel® HD Graphics

[2013-03-24 12:43:30] [iNFO ] DriverVersion=





Name Generic PnP Monitor on Intel HD Graphics

Current Resolution 1366x768 pixels

Work Resolution 1366x738 pixels

State enabled, primary

Monitor Width 1366

Monitor Height 768

Monitor BPP 32 bits per pixel

Monitor Frequency 60 Hz

Device \\.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0

Intel® HD Graphics

Memory 4294965945 MB ??????

Memory type 2

Driver version


has failed since about 5 updates ago no contact from piriform or earlier reported problem

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