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Speccy 120 says my graphics is "marked for deletion"

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Dell motherboard, Northwood Pentium HT processor, with Intel 82865G graphics controller on board. Running XP x32, SP3. The summary and Graphics tab both say "The specified serviced is marked for deletion".

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Thanks for the link. I can also confirm that it works right after a boot, that version 1.19 and 1.20 fail the same way, but somewhere during the day something changes and it goes back to populating the Graphics tab info with "marked for deletion" instead of listing the monitor and the fact that the video hardware on the motherboard is Intel based. Just tried again, and was working with a windows explorer window open but fails now with this FF window open.


Edited to add: Once I've opened a browser window, speccy fails when I run it - even after I've closed the browser and speccy is the only thing running. The funny thing about that is that I'd had browser windows open off and on all moring and speccy was still working a couple minutes ago when I tried it. Gut feeling is that the error message is trying to tell us that some file or system attribute it wants to read is temporarily locked rather than "marked for deletion".

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