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Win Defender vs. MS essentials


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Usually when 2 antivirus are installed on a machine by someone and they 'fight, ' one of them can always be removed in safe mode and the system recovered successfully.

Yes you are right to. But what i meant was if generally is not good to have 2 antivirus, them why do it at all? Even if it there is a reasonable easy fix. And by the way,

several people,not all of course, but several people, likes to play with system restore and disable it because of some trashy tweak they see on the internet, that tells them it make the pc faster, lighter etc..;

Ok. What i mean is this: you know you can most of the time solve the issue. But if it is simply not right to do it, unless perhaps, the way eL_PuSHeR mentioned, then, why do it at all and have all the hedache? Unless a person wants to be masoquist.

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I am sorry to eL_PuSHeR and to hazelnut. i did not intended to create another discussin here, since i was not the original question. It is just sometimes i get carry away. Will try not let that happen again.


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