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Warning Gadget for Speccy

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Howdy ! I'm an old retired auto tech so here goes. We all know about ck eng light on our dash of our vehicles. Since PC Gaming (example Steam), video streaming, music files used everywhere in the home etc.....things are changing fast. Gaming consoles are fading away. Imagine two gamers (one in the UK & one in the US) are playing Black Ops II on Steam, multi-player, split screen.....and after about an hour the gamer in UK has an issue with his graphics card (example...heat sinks/fan covered with dust/lint) & the temp climbs above 60*C......his display/game starts lagging, video goes down hill.....if the gamer had Speccy on the PC, a gadgit (warning meter) showed up in the top right corner of his display long before the overheating, so the gamer can lower the resolution etc to keep gaming. After gaming, go to his Speccy program & on the left is an option for access to warnings & get info about what happend & possible fixes (inspect graphics card, or CPU fan/heat sinks....you get the idea).

AMD & Nvidia etc would love ya'll (folks will update their cards), PCmag, CNET would rave about your program....on & on

I would pay something for a year sub for the program...maybe even a one time fee.

Just my 2 cents......hint, hint...sure would like to see my graphics card temp on my free Speccy program

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I think it's interesting, but wouldn't this require a constantly-running speccy service?

I guess it would, but you would have to check with the engineers.

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