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HTML5 LocalStorage "exploit"

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Apparently, HTML5 storage is supposed to be limited to X MB per domain, including subdomains. However, Firefox is allegedly the only browser that actually implements this restriction.




A stanford student created a site that will effectively fill your harddrive using HTML5 local storage (I have not linked to the site, but the blog post I link to links to the site if you want to try it)

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I thought FLASH was bad enough, and long ago I created two custom includes :-

Include1=PATH|%APPDATA%\Adobe\Flash Player\AssetCache\|*.*|RECURSE

Include2=PATH|%APPDATA%\Macromedia\Flash Player\|*.*|RECURSE


I now find I have been stuck with 864 kB of HTML5 stuff in webappsstore.sqlite

I guess others suffer far more than me, but even so I now feel another custom include is coming on me :angry:


I understand that :-


Firefox fixed their approach to this back in 2007;

PaleMoon uses the same open source code as its base with the same defaults and performance, and the same is likely for other Firefox siblings;

5 MB will grow to 5000 MB after visiting 1000 different sites that each donate 5 MB;

I guess a man who opens 1000 Tabs a day could blow through a 2 TB drive in a year :o


I am now thinking about changing these defaults under about:Config




I understand that purging webappsstore.sqlite will lose any site login data that it might hold,

but setting dom.storage.enabled:false will make HTML5 sites revert to the use of 4 kB cookies in traditional places.



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