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Recover files from formatted HDD


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Hello !


I wanted to recover files from a "dead" computer's HDD (WD Caviar 40 Gb IDE).


After connecting the HDD to another computer (IDE secondary controller, Master position), I could see it on Windows' (XP) disk manager. But it was seen as "not formatted". So, I made a "light" format and could see the volume. Then I launched Recuva that started normally until the Popup says :


Analyse 3 sur 6 lecteurs

Etape 2 sur 3 : Analysing damage

Progression actuelle 100%


And the HDD ran for a lot of hours with the same indication....

So I clicked "Cancel" and the popup indicated "Cancelling"

But it still ran for hours...


I had no other solution to stop Recuva than switching off the computer...


Then, later, I launched Recuva again.

I obtained the same result...


What can I do ?

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