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CCleaner not responding


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I've been using CCleaner for some time now but its just stopped working.

I can "Analyze" but when I "Run Cleaner" it just stops responding and I have to Ctl Alt Dlt to shut it down.

Ive uninstalled and reinstalled but same problem still exists.


Any ideas please?



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In what condition is your computer?


Are you aware of any spyware/adware/virus/trojans or other malware?


Try first run some anti-virus and anti-(ad/spy/mal)-ware and see if that fix it.


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I backup and clean my computer weekly.

I use Spybot, Adaware and Ewido along with Ccleaner and have Norton installed.


I already did run spyware checks, cleared out a few things but still the same problem even after I uninstalled and re-installed.


Any other ideas.



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