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Defraggler seems stuck


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I dont know if it is some bug but I have problem with Defraggler apparently stuck after a while or progressing VERY slowly with very little HDD activity. When I start defrag, it wont do much, there is little activity at drive map but no progress in defragging the drive. Yesteday I waited for ~6 hours, maybe more and there was close to no progress.


Here is the info:

Win7 PRO x64

2TB drive NTFS

~400GB of free space

many big (1-15GB hd movies) and many smaller (5-10MB mp3, etc) files.

I checked the drive by chkdsk and it was ok


Im attaching the debug log and drive map screenshot, I dont think that there should be problem with free blocks as there is at least plenty of free block for smaller files.


There is one message repeated many times in debug log for many files. And this message mentions not the big GB files, it regards also small Mp3 files so I find it strange.


[2013-02-03] [12:59:06.257] 02290 1 DefragVolumeSinglePassHelper::LayFileAt#379 MoveFileRegionWithMarking for file "D:\games\Steam\tenfoot\resource\styles\library\library_screenshots_slideshow.css" to 64008237, 0, 2 finished (hr=0x00000000). Destination block is not free.


I know that I can try quick defrag or defrag of particular files but I want to report this as this could be some Defraggler problem to adddress.


Thank you for any help.



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I could try it but as I said - I waited for about 6h and there was no progress at all, the counter of fragmented files and their size remained the same for all that time. Maybee for first 10min there was some activity but then it just seemed like frozen although there was some very little activity at the drive map. And for all that time disk acitivity was also very little, I hear my disk when it is doing something, in this case I didnt hear anything. So it seems to me that this is not the issue of big disk or files although Im not expert.

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