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I would like to suggest that the deletion of memory dumps be removed from the default settings of CCleaner.


As a BSOD analyst I have recently noticed an increase in the use of CCleaner by those that I help with BSOD problems. The analysis of their memory dumps is delayed until they can generate up to 4 or 5 memory dumps - and this is very painful to them.


Minidumps are limited to 50 being stored at a time, and are generally less than 300 kB in size (for a total of 15 mB if my math is right). And most (that I see) only have less than 10 in C:\Windows\Minidump. This is a miniscule amount and would not hurt to leave on current systems.


Admitedly those that are suffering from BSOD's are a small number of your users - but I feel that this will help all users in the long run.


Thanks for your consideration!


- John

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