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Max path length exceeded


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I'm trying to recover files from a formatted HDD and Recuva is doing a great job with the deep scan option as it figured out most of the files, but there is no way I can recover even just one of them.

I keep getting the error "Max path length exceeded". I tried disabling the option to recover using the full folder path but still nothing.

I tried recovering just one file from the root of my formatted HDD but that same error keeps popping up.


Please let me know if there's anything I can provide you to better debug the problem.


Best regards.

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Thanks for the reply Hazelnut, but recovering to a path like C:\R\ doesn't help as it's still not working. That was the first thing I thought when that error came up. So my best bet was that the path where I wanted to recover the files was too long. But it looks like that's not the problem.

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I found a solution. Well.. I wouldn't call that a solution but it worked for me. Downgrading to version 1.40 did the trick.

I suppose something has been broken after 1.40

I hope you guys will look further into this issue.

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Although something appears to be amiss, I recover stuff quite frequently - for testing - and I don't get this error. I guess there is some combination of parameters that's causing it, but I don't know what.

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I have the same problem.


Windows Live Mail automatically created in the folder "Recovered Items" countless subfolders, in line. I do not know why. Recuva shows these long paths to, but recovering in a self-selected folder (short path) is denied because of the long source paths. A bug?

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