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Context menu on recycle bin


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The latest version of Recuva added a context menu option when right clicking on the recycle bin.


Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to disable this within the program.


These are in the ini, but don't affect the context menu.




Deleting the program (portable version) obviously doesn't remove the context menu and causes an error if I choose that option.


Is this an oversight or do I need to actually install the program to remove it? (via uninstalling)


Worst case I'll have to manually find it in the registry to remove it.

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Safest way would probably be to use the install version to get rid of it. There's also the possibility of renaming the Recuva.exe file to another name (i.e.; Recuva2.exe), and then using CCleaner's registry cleaner to remove the references (if it detects them that is) - this most likely wouldn't be the best approach.

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I am not a Portable Purist so I have no objection to, and even welcome, any OPTIONAL and NON-DEFAULT capability for a Portable Utility to be launched via such things as a context menu or a File Association;


If a newly unzipped Portable Recuva has automatically added itself to a context menu I would suggest reporting this as a bug in


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I agree with Alan here report it a a bug. A true portable program should not add items to right-click menus.


Reg key for it should be here




(usual 'backup reg first' thing applies if you delete key belonging to Recuva).


P.S. What operating system and build number of Recuva are you using?

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