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The parameter is incorrect


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I have my cousin's 16 GB micro sd card from a phone that has probably 5-7k pictures and videos on it. It was in her phone which was thrown and the battery and memory card fell out. The card seems to be in good condition but it wouldn't read. I found this thread http://forum.pirifor...showtopic=36241 which is what is happening with this card. He manages to recover some images using a windows xp computer, but I tried in my netbook running xp and it doesn't even acknowledge when I plug it in. So I'm hoping there may be something else I could try.


I have the micro sd card plugged into a sd adapter and plugged into a usb card reader into my computer. When I plug it in it show up under removable disc F: and when I try to open it says please insert disc. Here are some screen shots of what it looks like





I tried using Photorec but the drive doesn't show up in the list to try to recover it. When I tried Recuva it gave me the Parameter is incorrect message when trying to recover. I also tried EaseUS as recommended in the other thread but when I try to check the box for RAW files nothing pops up http://i.imgur.com/SFfTB.png


Is there any other option to try since nothing seems to be able to access the card?


Edit: Today when I plugged the card reader in windows popped up and said you need to format the disc to view it I'm not sure but I think that's the first time it said that. I also tried the demo version of Rescue Pro which came back saying it recovered 0 files. It doesn't seem like any ordinary recovery is working so I'm hoping there is something more advanced I could try.

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