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Winapp2.ini should be part of CCleaner installation file!


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Majority of CCleaner users don't even know about Winapp2.ini. I think Winapp2.ini should be part of CCleaner's installation file. All the volunteers in the Winapp2.ini forum really work hard to make entries for CCleaner and most of the CCleaner users don't even get advantage of the hard work volunteers do.

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would that not be needed as those items can just be integrated into the app? Perhaps you need to re-read the spoiler from the winapp2 thread

A large ini such as this one can cause a slower startup for ccleaner (far more noticeable on older/slower machines) and users may wish to manually remove entries they do not need from the file if they feel this lag time is too great.


Please bear in mind that these entries are NOT endorsed or supported in any way by the developers of CCleaner, and should be considered "beta."


That being said, they can (though we do our best to prevent this) cause issues with various programs or your system as a whole.


Piriform is not responsible for any damages done to your computer, and I also ask that if you encounter an error/problem with an entry here, you post it in this thread to keep winapp2.ini related issues centralized

a winapp2 file is a supplemental (and meant to be a personal thing) the community file is a centralized location of (supposedly) tried and (preferably) true entries for people to use in their own file a should not be used as a whole (though I do ;) )

<edit: Most entries, for the inbuilt rules of the program, get their start in winapp2 why do you think there are entries removed every iteration?>

to include it in the installation defeats the purpose and especially pay attention the 2nd paragraph in the quote above

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I disagree for the fact entries need to be fully tested vastly more to be included in CCleaner by default. We have to remember CCleaner is used by millions upon millions of people which is a vastly larger audience than users of winapp2.ini will ever hope to be.


Plus people would nearly instantly start complaining more on the forums (more than they do now about something unknowingly caused by winapp2.ini) when some app becomes broken, some app won't update anymore, etc.


Here's just two recent problems caused by winapp2.ini (although looking about the forums in bug reports, etc., more could be found which would make figuring out a bug that more difficult):

* Background is broken

* Search engine settings: Part 1 | Part 2


I personally think it's more of a niche for those of us who want to clean more than what CCleaner does by default of course at our own risk of using an unofficial cleaning routine done by someone other than the developer team with the pre-knowledge that there's a higher possibility of it causing an issue - hence the reason to pick and choose exactly what they want in the winapp2.ini file versus using the whole file intact. It would be especially problematic for people that don't know how to make the cleaning routines themselves to then in turn be able to thoroughly investigate/problem shoot what removing a particular physical file/registry data may cause.



It's one of those things that I myself when submitting a cleaning routine think about as some of mine are really stripped down versions to make them much safer for the community to use without someone complaining about it being far too aggressive. I.e.; Where I may have CCleaner delete a particular physical file/registry data with absolutely no concern about it whatsoever it could however really upset other people.

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