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acer c7 chromebook($200)


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I bought a acer c7 Chromebook from Bestbuy today. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it yet but I figured I would post about what I like and don't like.


First off for a $200 computer its actually pretty nice. Its got a decent 11.6 inch screen (1366x768) and its relatively fast at browsing playing videos ect. Its light weight and very portable. The only real downside I can point out is that the keyboard stinks.(I don't like the feedback of the keys)


I do like Chrome OS. Its extremely simple to use and you basically cant screw it up. I do 99% of my stuff within chrome now a days anyway and this computer runs every website and video I've played very well. I think this would be an excellent first computer for someone or a computer for someone who just wants to browse, send emails, ect.


I think this is the perfect pc for those who use google docs, gmail, ect. I don't use gmail but google docs has started to grow on me.



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I think they are a neat idea, but I just boxed mine up and its going back tomorrow.

The hardware on the C7 just isn't good. The keyboard is bad, the trackpad doesn't have a left click option(you have to use two fingers) and its also really finicky. I do like Chrome OS though. I think its the device for people who want a simple productivity machine. Google docs works awesome(something android still cant do very well right now), and the form factor is very portable.


I'm interested to try the new $250 Samsung version. They are sold out everywhere but I'll definitely give it a try when they come back in stock.

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