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CCleaner analyzing more than cleaning....

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Hello. First of all...let me say that I love this software. I've been using if for years. BUT....I have lately been noticing a strange anomally (this a NON registry cleaner issue). When I open CCleaner (on "Cleaner" setting) and click "Analyze" I'll often get a pile of things listed. Then when I click "Run Cleaner" quite often only a very small portion of the items listed actually get "cleaned". Maybe this is normal(?). I'm running CCleaner V3.26.1888 on XP SP3. I've attached a couple of photos for reference. Any clues? Thanks in advance. Cheers.8344072754_fa62a971f2_z.jpg8344073100_55f8fcb022_z.jpg

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My suggestion is that I would tick the boxes you have left unticked as shown from the screenshot. EXCEPT Start Menu Shortcuts, DEsktop Shortcuts and WIPE FREE SPACE. This would allow CCleaner to clean more than what it cleans now. There are files that have to stay in there longer, maybe longer than 24-48 hours before they can be safely cleaned.


I would also suggest, if you like to use Winapp2.ini that can be found here:





After you download the files you just copy and and paste it to C:\Program Files\CCleaner directory. The next time you open CCleaner, it will take more time to load but when you go to the Applications tab in the cleaner section of CCleaner, you will see many more checkboxes added that you can chose to clean.

I love computer maintenance tasks.

Some of my favorite programs:

Wordpad -basic word processing

Notepad - temporary clipboard and basic scripting module

Windows Media Player 12- video, music and online radio player

Windows Media Center - live TV, local FM radio

CCleaner- handy computer maintenance tool


If something fails to work after using the registry cleaner, use SYSTEM RESTORE.

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