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Hello, I found this very informative article informing me of SSHDs, what they do, and why they're an affordable upgrade from HDDs, but not too costly, and capable of running nearly an equal amount of performance from SSDs.


Here's the URL:




You can download the PDF file (45mb) or read it from online.


In terms of lifetime of the SSHDs, they have not been extensively tested and I've seen a lot of reviews on Newegg about Seagate having bad customer service reviews, but it is a nice and adaptive technology that can be utilized nicely in today's era of technology - where simple-minded people could afford to run an SSHD and still learn how to properly utilize it's prioritizing technology.


It's originally designed for use with a Laptop, but I see no reason why it cannot be installed into a Desktop computer (with a 3.5" adapter bracket for it to fit-to-tray).


Go here to find the current prices available on the market for a brand-new version of the drive:




Currently, the best price for purchasing a brand-new SSHD is on Newegg for the 750GB, 6GB/s SATA version (http://www.newegg.co...620121230045514) at $140 with a "kit" or the bare drive for $130 at Newegg (http://www.newegg.co...hannel&CMP=OTC-) or $120 at TigerDirect / B&H. The reviews on Newegg definitely help get an idea of the true performance and durability of the SSHD, so be sure to read those!

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