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Firstly big thank you for making mac version, this is such an awesome program!

So far everything works perfectly, though I haven't tried System, System Apps, Advanced, and Applications. It would be nice if you would add more description somehow about what those options do, like a 'Help' with description perhaps.


Another thing what would be nice is for CCleaner not to ignore my Utilities folder, since I like to store some Apps like CCleaner there, perhaps an option to add additional paths for CCleaner to look for applications.

Since there is no standard 'uninstall' on a Mac, what does uninstallation deletes? Does it also deletes settings files and Saved Application States?

If so, would it be possible for CCleaner to somehow list files it will delete(I'm not talking here about listing the contents of the app file but location of a settings file for example)?


And finally, would love to see uninstalls for widget and preference planes.



If you need to test something, I have MBP with Mac Os X 10.7

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