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Microsoft "on the way out" ?

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Another Super Fast novel! :P


Yep. :P Pretty good analysis, tho.


Still I agree with Hazel, don't write microsoft off just yet. They are capable of responding to changing market forces, even if they are not inclined to do so.

I betcha somebody over there realizes by now what a huge mistake it was to announce the abandonment of xp.

Think how much that cost government agencies, therefore the taxpayer. And microsoft didn't recant until businesses & governments complained about it. We users, who tune up every new version of windows with bug reports and forum discussions, had far too little clout to persuade ms to do the right thing.

Microsoft came out of the gate waaay ahead of the field, back in the eighties, was it? As long as windows was the only OS or was clearly the best OS they stayed ahead. That is changing. If they decide to maintain a "lockdown" of the microsoft environment, I think it will cost them money.

Computers and the communication they enable are maybe the most important innovation of the twentieth century. I would like to see this phenomenon evolve cheaply and safely into something every person can enjoy.

I know, I know, another login123 clownfish treefrog essay :lol:, but it seems important.

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This is the kind of laptop I certainly like. This would be a good excuse to switch to Win 8. If this laptop has the usual interfaces (HDMI, USB, etc.) then that would be an extra reason to switch to Win 8. This kind of lap-/desk-tops is the thing Microsoft would like to see in every home. If Google would come out with an Android OS for this kind lap-/desk-tops then MS could be "toast" very very soon. That's - IMO - what MS fears most.

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