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Winapp2.ini new entry

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I have successfully added a few new programs entries to winapp2.ini and modified some existing entries to fit my configuration, but this one has me stumped.


I have created a folder at the root level called C:\Dump


I temporarily put certain files in that folder in order that I NOT mistakenly delete them from the Recycle Bin.


Periodically, I want to enable the Dump folder for cleaning via CC.


Here's my initial set up:










If I change the DetectFile to something like "DetectFile=%windir%\WINFILE.EXE"


Dump will show up with a checkbox under "Windows" in applications, but NOT with the setup above.


In either case CC will not recognize the files in that directory.


What am I doing wrong ?


First problem I've had in a great application.

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%rootdir% parameters don't seem to work. Since it's your system you'll use it on it's ok to replace %rootdir% with C:\ or whatever the disk is.

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