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How many Post do i need to become advance?

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My shining moment!  :D





:lol: nice...

I personally don't care how many kills I get, as long as I get more kills then deaths. An average game for me (maybe 20min) looks like this:


Kills: 63 Deaths: 14



I'm not necessarily a camper, I have to "alter personalities" :lol:

Sometimes I rush 'em with a MP40 or Thompson... other times, I take my time, wait for a good shot, outflank 'em, use iron sights... this is mostly with single shot rifles (except for the best weapon, the M1 GARAND! :P ) or the MP44...

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Update on "Power Member Abilities": access to an avatar folder where you can choose different avatars!


Is that where you got your current avatar from?



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