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Recuva 144.788 Long Processing Time...


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I have previously used all of the Rucuva updates for the last two years or so. Each morning I run a search for deleted files and I run a single-pass overwrite for privacy. The entire process takes between 5 and 7 minutes. My current update was 143.623 :)


Yesterday, I updated with Recuva 143.778, It searched and found the files very quickly (about 10 seconds); however, it took over 2 hours to overwrite the files! :angry: I don't have the time for this activity. I need to get back my previous update of 143.623. I found the list of versions and my previous version is on the list; however, I do not find a way to download that. I depend on this program so I await your answer of how to download and re-establish the previous version ASAP and I appreciate your time. Please, this is important to me.


Thanks so much,


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