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unwanted deleting of Windows settings


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I use 64-bit Windows 7 :D , on which I have installed the 64-bit version of ccleaner. My system is configured to re-open all of the Windows Explorer windows opened on my desktop when I close down the OS or reboot it :ph34r: . This works well for my needs. B) However, if I run ccleaner before closing down, it prevents this functionality from occuring :wacko: , and I would prefer it not do so. However, I cannot see which of the ccleaner settings controls this option :( . Can you identify it for me? :o:lol:

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Do you have Windows Size/Location cache ticked under Windows tab..Advanced ?



Not any longer. Thanks for the tip. So can I put you on my Friends List here? I am feeling a wee bit vacant, and you are the first one who hasn't hollered at me about something for a while. :ph34r: .

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