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What is "System Volume Information" ?

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After analyzing the 'C' drive using Defraggler the list of files that are fragmented includes several VERY large files with unusual names within brackets {} {} including hex chars and hyphens. The paths to these files are all the same : C:\System Volume Information. However when displaying the contents of 'C:\' there are no fldrs or files that even come close to the names shown by Defraggler. If these files are not needed are they candidates for deletion ? Any ideas ? Thanx.


Bewildered Bob

Palm Bay, FL

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System Volume Information contents files created by System Restore, files created by indexing files and others perhaps.


I formatted my drives in FAT32 ,so, I open them with a double-click.


If we format in NTFS, we can also, after a changes the properties's folder, tab "Security". You must choose which controls the folder.


Be careful, do not delete anything, there might be the case.


Best Regards



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By the way Bob - welcome to the forum.


as Hazel said, turn them off from being included in DF.

they are used if you ever need to go back to a previous Restore Point.

if you have Restore Points turned off, the folder should be empty.

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Hi, Mta,


if you have Restore Points turned off, the folder is not necessarily empty. There necessarily the files:




There may also be files created by indexing files. (Cidaemon.exe and cisvc.exe) If the drive is formatted in NTFS, of course; In FAT32, file indexing does not exist.

I'm sure because I changed the security of this folder in my NTFS drives.


Best regards



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