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I am evaluating the Network Edition Pro and have a few idea for making this product easier to use and better.


- SMART HD Stats. Defraggler free pulls in stats from the drive and it would nice for those stats to pull in to the console so we can monitor drive health. Being able to monitor SMART data would allow us to be proactive about failing drives instead of waiting for them to die and have downtime for users.


- Check Disk for errors. This kinda goes with the above thought.


- Defrag free space.


- Currently it seems that scheduled tasks are pushed from the server, but that doesn't help if machines are off the network and out of reach of the server. It should be setup that the agent receives the scheduled task and runs those task locally. It then checks with the server for changes to those tasks.


- There needs to be an option to select multiple machines to move to another group instead of individually.


- Unable to select sub-folders when using the advanced network scan function.


- Piriform should look into Optimized Defrag similar to the competition.


- Should be able to set schedule defrags on folders instead of only individual machines.


- Perform Full Refresh on folders.


- Set automatic Full Refresh. I've noticed that I can have a machine that's been offline for hours, but the console still shows it online until I perform a Full Refresh. Also, stats are not updating regularly.


- Piriform needs to invest in SSD Optimization or atleast give the console the ability to determine SSD and ignore them from the audit scan. For example, it detects my workstations SSD as a low rating because I don't defrag it.


- Configure Defraggler to restart defrag after a machines reboot or shutdown, i.e. Users has laptop and shuts down the machine to take home. Defraggler should be able to start back up when the user gets home and starts the machine back up.


- Schedule defrag doesn't give option for quick defrag or full defrag. I would like to schedule quick defrag weekly because their quick.


- Scheduled Clean doesn't give option to use a saved template.


- Ability to add/remove programs.

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