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Concerns when using Google Drive


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thanks for the heads-up.

i hope a similar hole doesn't exist with SkyDrive !

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I guess this is a valid concern. If someone was to physically get on my pc they would automatically have access to my email.

Problem is that they would have access to way more important information with my physical pc anyway. Chances are though they wouldn't be able to figure out my password and wouldn't be able to get on anything anyway.


I do use a program on my lenovo that creates a secret encrypted drive. It came with the pc and the only way to open it up is to use the fingerprint reader. I keep my passwords and stuff in that folder just in case my laptop was going to get stolen. I don't worry as much with my desktop.


I'm pretty sure the windows live(skydrive) stuff does this too if you allow it. I think it comes with a program called the windows live sign in client(I think thats what its called) that keeps you constantly logged in. There is no link within the skydrive client itself(It just shows up like a normal folder).

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Sounds like BS to me.


I tend to agree. If you look at Google's products as a single entity, claiming that Drive is a security risk because it doesn't automatically log out is like claiming Firefox is a security risk because it doesn't log out of Gmail by default. There is nothing stopping a user from signing out of Drive, in the same way as nothing stops you from signing out of other Google products.


For what it's worth; Windows Live Messenger automatically signs users into Hotmail at the click of a button. That then exposes all your Microsoft services, like XBOX and SkyDrive.


Lock your PC when you're not using it. Solved.

I'm Shane.

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