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Would it be possible to create a common Lang folder for all Piriform tools?

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It would save a bit of space if the portable versions of CCleaner, Defraggler, Speccy and Recuva could be put into one folder with a common Lang subfolder and portable.dat file.


Even more space could be saved by removing files in the Lang folder that are not for the user's language. The current portable versions total 42,094,122 bytes and 186 files.


It wouldn't need anything like an integrated launcher or combined functionality, just eliminate duplication amongst the four programs.

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Actually you can just remove the lang folder (except your language if it differs from english) and you'll be set,


[opinion] the reason that can't be such a folder is portable could be anywhere, [/opinion] i.e. I might have m:\cleaners\ccleaner\ccleaner.exe and m:\system monitors\passive\speccy\speccy it would take a lot of work to get those to share a folder, on a drive that tomorrow on another computer might not be M:\ it might be e:\ or x:\

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just eliminate duplication amongst the four programs.

I really doubt that there is any significant duplication.


Taking a very quick look at both Defraggler and CCleaner, they both have a button marked in English as "Advanced"

According to


The German translation could be any one of

  • erweiterte
  • fortgeschritten
  • fortgeschrittene
  • fortschrittlich
  • voreilend
  • vorgerückt

Only if the same translator happened to do the German translation could we expect the same word to be duplicated in both products.


There will be almost no sentences and very few individual words that will be common to all Piriform Products.

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Alan makes a point that I didn't consider in that each language file contains different strings (eve if the same translator)

in short, Speccy's dutch language file is not the same file as Recuva's and both are absolutely different from ccleaner's

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I do not think this is possible because there are not the same files for C Cleaner and Defraggler, for example. However, I think it would be proposed that C Cleaner to delete all same files for other programs. We could delete hundreds of files.


Best regards



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