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What web browser do you use?


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Other browsers may not be updated as oft, & while they are/may be slight faster, I cannot tell on this machine.

Frankly, I am (halfway) surprised there are not arguments more so against using certain browsers (Due to lack up updates/patches/security measures).


Some browsers have spotty update records, & FF 16.02 seems to be working fine for me at the moment.

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I use Pale Moon 64-bit, an optimized version of Firefox for Windows computers. Mozilla doesn't release optimized code for Windows platforms.


I must warn you, however, that if your interested in using it, it is not updated as quickly as it could be with Firefox releases. It is a free project, after all. At the same time, if you are looking for a 64-bit, optimized verson of Firefox, perhaps you should give it a try.


**I do not know what the speed is at which they release security updates as I do not keep up with official Firefox releases. I would *assume* they act quickly with such material.**


I also use NoScript, which is a MUST for proper security. It is the wrong decision to use any browser that lacks NoScript functionality (automatically blocked scripts until user intevention).


If you have scripts enabled and enter a foreign website you are susceptible to malware infection. Doing simple research into global warming brought me into contact with 2 malware sites (blocked by my anti-malware & firewall solution ESET Smart Security before even getting so far as blocked by NoScript).


It is imperative that you use Firefox with NoScript or an adequate alternative (I believe there is an extension for Chrome with NoScript functionality).

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