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HD With 2 partitions BUG and become 1 , just recova recognize it .. HELP


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Hi , i have 3 tb HD , so i made 2 partitions of 1,36 tb each one. One of the wasnt recognizing by windows , so i made chkdsk , and it erased my folder , but my memory on hd was the same , i concluded that he just erased my folder shortcut . Than i tried to retrieve by using recuva , but the process was taking too long than i cancel it , for my surprise my two partition was gone and became 1 protected by recuva with the name recover , and the only program that recognize is recuva and it says wrong logical size of hd . I dont know what to do i want to have my 2 parttions back and i have important things there ; can anyone help me fast pls , i need to take off that recuva protection and get my archives back PLS HELP(sry , for the bad english) , HELP ANYONE PLS

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Hi rei800, and welcome to the forum.


I assume we are talking here about a drive other than your System Drive?


Try searching for and restoring the partitions with the following freeware Partition Recovery software ...




I can't work out what you did exactly, and what Recuva protection you are talking about, but for starters, see if Minitools will pick up your partitions and restore them.


They may appear as empty and designated as "Raw", but as long as Minitools can see them, it can search for the lost partitions.



EDIT: If you don't have success with Minitools, try "EASEUS Partition Recovery" (freeware), as some of these tools are better at doing certain things than others.




I have had personal experience of a Partition Recovery software finding and restoring a lost partition when another similar program failed.

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Before attempting to recover any partition you should ensure that you make the CORRECT SELECTION of the boundaries.

You will have several options, only one of which will help you and the others may hinder and even destroy forever.


You said

"i want to have my 2 parttions back and i have important things there".


I do not see how you could have stored those things in a partition that Windows could not recognize.

Did you store those things BEFORE you created those two partitions ?


I suggest :-

posting a screenshot of all that Windows Disk Management can show concerning your Hard Drive ;

Explaining what tool was used to create these two partitions ;

Stating which partition originally received the "important Things" ;

and which partition last held these "important things".


A screenshot from the Minitool Partition Recovery Wizard analysis might be a good idea for further advice before selecting boundaries for recovery.


What did you originally attempt to do with Recuva ?

Was the recovery destination in the same partition of that which you were trying to restore ?

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