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Guess where I was today!

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I was in the city, visiting a friend with my girlfriend and her sister. While the sister and friend ate dinner, I took a walk! (a 2.1 mile walk, I took the subway back! :lol:)




I didn't go in, because, if you look in the flash, you can see a very displeased security guard glaring at me.




The IBM building in New York City. On the 21st floor is a Piriform office!




Then it started to rain after I went and bought a box of cookies (Me, some soggy cookies, and a friend!) . :(

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If you're ever there again look for a Piriform Gold Laptop, the security guard is probably guarding it. :lol:


I didn't realize the office was so ritsy. They may have more than one Gold Piriform Laptop! :P

I'm liking that shirt, but I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed with the new season so far. :(


I think they're just giving the ponds their last hurrah, hopefully it'll pick up after the fall season! Last night's episode was a little weak though. (IMO)

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