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If I start Speccy 1.17.340 on Windows 8 Pro 64-bit (RTM, the release version, 6.2.9200) I instantly get a bluescreen.

If I try to attach a kernel crashdump on this forum, I get the error message "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file". So I uploaded it here: http://notaserver.org/pubhost/speccy/speccy_BSOD_crashdump_20120917.dmp


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''on the PC is a problem. He needs to be restarted. There is some error information is collected, and then you can restart exports (100% complete)'' -Google translate


Thank you for spending the time to save the dump and upload it for the devs to look at ( they read all posts)

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I tried to help u, but i don't understand non-english screens.


Could you translate the meaning to english here, please?


It's the default Windows 8 BSOD.

The text always stays the same. Only the error code in the very bottom right ("BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER" in my case) changes depending on the error you got. Microsoft removed any additional information except the error code from the BSOD in Windows 8.

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