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Driver cleaning option (Creative)

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Today I have another BSOD, which causer by OLD Creative sound card driver. My sound card stoped working and I removed it from my PC, by its driver continued to load (CTAUD2K.SYS).

I have deinstalled ALL Creative software and ran CCleaner, but this driver still was in my system and about 100 another creative files).

Dear developers, could you implement into CCleaner driver removal function (as it realized in Driver Cleaner.NET)?

Thank you!

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This would be dangerous to implement, as CCleaner would have no way to know if it removed all the files related to a driver.


While it may help you, can you imagine if all the people who wanted it implemented, decided to remove drivers that were critical?

Or even did "accidental" driver removals, only to blame Piriform for the resultant blue screens?


CCleaner is meant to be safe, and, cough... I just don't know how adding driver removal can keep from causing more problems than it solves.


* To truly remove all traces of drivers, CCleaner would have to have complete driver databases for every driver on the market, which would be... huge!!!

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Driver Cleaner.NET is not free by the way.

I know, I have deleted all unnecessary files and uninstalled Driver Cleaner :)

Now I don't use Ctrative X-Fi Platinum.

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