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no deletion of numerous Excellent State files


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I run 64-bit Win7 and have 1.43.623 (64-bit) installed. When I use the program to scan my C: drive, select all files found in Excellent State, complete procedure to delete them (1700+ files), and then I once again run the scan procedure, it shows that there are still about 640 files in Excellent State. Why is that? Is there no way to remove these remnants? For many of them I can even see the path, where they apparently were?

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As far as I can tell Recuva classes a deleted file as Excellent if the clusters the file occupies have not been re-allocated to a subsequent file allocation. Securely deleting a file with Recuva is actually overwriting the data clusters with zeroes, so the clusters of the deleted file remain un-re-allocated (I couldn't think of a better way to say that).


I find that if I securely overwrite an excellent file the state changes to Unrecoverable, but if I scan again the state has returned to Excellent. If you rescan, as you probably have by now, you may see a different result.

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