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Speccy 64 crashing at analyzing peripherals

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I have been using Speccy on this computer for several years. A few months back it started crashing at startup which a reinstall did not fix.


I am running the 64-bit executable on a windows 7, 64-bit machine.


When I run the program in debug mode the only setting that causes a crash is "Analyze peripheral data". The log file generated in the speccy folder is always blank following this crash.


I have attached a full dxdiag.


I appreciate any help! Thanks!


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Sounds like you may be experiencing a heat problem.


Power off the PC & open the case.

Q-Tip the blades of the CPU/GPU/PS & Case fans.


Blow the dust out in a well ventilated area & close the case.


See if this fixes the problem.


* Edit: Which is crashing at startup? Windows, or Speccy? Which one are you doing the repair install to? Windows, or Speccy?

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