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"Upgrading" CCleaner

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Forgive me if this topic has been discussed numerous times already, but I searched through the various thread topics and didn't see any referrence to it.


When "upgrading" from a previous version (i.e. - 1.23) of CCleaner to the latest or a newer version (currently 1.26).....can you upgrade by downloading OVER (on top of) the current application? Or is it best to uninstall CCleaner completely (through Windows Add-Remove) and then install the newest version?

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Just close out CCleaner if it is running and install right over top of your previous version. Usually most installers will tell you if you should remove the previous versions before installing the newest version.

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Also installing over the top of a previous version will allow you to keep all your current settings, e.g.; the options you've selected. I always install over a previous version.

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