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In Firefox is "index.sqlite" a cookie?

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Does anyone know if the file index.sqlite in Firefox is a cookie? The full path is:


C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ctnmb1cc.default\OfflineCache\index.sqlite.


We have three computers (all with FF) and CCleaner flags it as a cookie on one of them but not on the other two. Of those two, one is XP and the other is Vista. The one that's marking it as a cookie is also XP. I'm trying to figure out why it calls it a cookie on one but not the other two. Thanks.

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What its purpose is I do not know.

Mozilla has FAQs, forums and experts that may tell you.


This is not a likely place for a cookie.

On my machine it was last created, modified, and accessed on 18th June


If a site wanted to plant a cookie then it needs to be ON-LINE and not OFF-LINE

*\Cache\ is a folder with tons of stuff, some of which is time stamped today.

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I'm fairly sure that it's the index of HTML5 Offline Data.


Modern web apps made in JavaScript and HTML5 can store their data (.html, .js and .css) files inside your browser's cache so they don't require re-downloading when they're next needed. It's also designed to allow HTML5 apps to run offline.


The index.sqlite file is a database of what files are stored on the computer and what app they belong to. This works like the Windows MFT.

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Firefox/Waterfox stores lots of things in various sqlite db files; I believe cookies as well. However, these files are not cookies per se, just storage files.


What Firefox version are you running; I do no longer have an index.sqlite file with Firefox/Waterfox 15.

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This is the contents of the "index.sqlite" file on my XP machine as read by "Peek"...




If you know what it is exactly, let me know. :)


"Peek" can just about read anything. (Introduced to me by Login123 I believe)

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It looks like SQL definitions to me (CREATE TABLE, CREATE INDEX, etc.). What is the date of that file on your machine?


I do not even have an OfflineCache folder on any of my machines with Firefox/Waterfox 15. All my sqlite files are in the main profile folder.

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