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Phase 2 Learner's Permit.

The New Guy

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Anyone here from Oz? I heard that there was going to be a new law or something that they will make it that you must complete at least 125 hours of driving in any conditions instead of the usual 25 hours during Phase 2 Learner's Permit to get to your P's.......any confirmination on this fact? I can't seem to find an answer through google even though I've used all the key words that I could think of, but they all come back with nothing....


I heard it starts next year sometime in Janurary....others have no clue when it starts......and some just says it's just a *jest* to make learner's drive more or to have them not worry too much....


This question's mainly directed towards the WA state, not any other states of Oz.




The New Guy.

What you see is what you get. :)

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On this page it show the names, addresses and business hours of the places which can answer your question.


That way you get it from the horses mouth




Support contact




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