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Info on WMF vulnerability


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What versions of Windows are affected?


All. Windows 2000, Windows XP, (SP1 and SP2), Windows 2003. All are affected to some extent. Mac OS-X, Unix or BSD is not affected.


Note: If you're still running on Win98/ME, this is a watershed moment: we believe (untested) that your system is vulnerable and there will be no patch from MS.  Your mitigation options are very limited. You really need to upgrade.

Win98 and ME are not supported, eh? Why does this not surprise me. I thought Trusted Computing was only supposed to render freeware and open source obsolete; now MS is denying support for their own products.


And to think that some people still purchase MS products. lol

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ding, ding!


Give Andavari lots of money and maybe even consider getting K a DVD-RW drive.


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Just a couple of years ago when I solely used Win98 I would download patches designed for newer versions of Windows such as 98SE and above, and then construct my own installer to patch my system. I don't necessarily think people should start doing this, however I did and just wanted to share that info.


MS not supporting their older purchased products such as Win9x is a bit unnerving since not everyone is ready to buy a new system or spend $200 or $300 just to have WinXP, they have to be more seriously compelled to do so other than not offering security updates, which by the way still show up on Windows Update every now and then when I occassionally use my Win98 system.

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