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Windows XP 'Compressed Old Files'

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That is available in the Windows Disc Cleanup facility.


It is not trustworthy,

Windows File Protection assumes compression will corrupt files,

and may require System File Check to re-validate those files,

and manifests fail to match and the original files have to be found and copied from the Windows Installation Discs,

which Disks were NOT provided on my daughter's Laptop with pre-installed Windows XP.


I had to Restore a partition image backup to make the computer usable again.


NB Compressed files hold all the INFORMATION of the original file, plus ADDITIONAL information needed to restore the original file.

Intelligent Partition Image backup files hold INFORMATION,

so when a partition holds compressed files that may look a bit smaller,

the backup files are actually larger.

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"Compressing old files" is worthless.


It may reduce drive space used, but the time lost every time Windows has to de-compress those files when they are needed again makes it worthless!!!


Not to mention that compression is not cleaning, & the other reasons listed above by Super Hero & Cap'n Spec...

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