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Cannot Clear Autocomplete Addresses


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Hello all. First time poster here. I am using Windows 98 and I have IE 6.0, all with the latest updates from Microsoft.


I have had a minor problem with IE 6.0 for sometime now. It seems that no matter what I do, Autocomplete still types in addresses on the address bar whenever I type in "www..."


I have gone to Tools-->Internet Options-->Content-->Autocomplete and unchecked all the boxes and deleted both the Forms and Passwords. I have also gone to Internet Options and did Clear History.


Still, I have these weird websites that will come up in the address bar when I type in "www...." (such as wasana.url when I type "w...")


I have a program from Webroot that also clears the history files and temporary internet files (although it does not clear the index.dat and history.dat files). I notice that after I do this, most of the websites that may have shown up in the address bar when I was using IE did not appear again. Still, I have some websites that appear to stick (like the weird wasana.url address)


I thought for the longest time that I had some type of spyware on my computer that had integrated into IE and kept track of my websites. I thought that maybe my browser was hi-jacked or something. But after numerous scans with multiple high quality virus scanners and spyware scanners showing no infections, I am beginning to think that this problem is due to a bug in IE or the IE cache files (the undeletable index.dat and history.dat files!!!!!!!)


Does anyone know about this problem that I am speaking of?


Would using CCleaner or any other program that gets rid of the .dat files help out?

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