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selection of recovery items you want to find

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When you go and choose what items you want Recuva to find you either have to choose one or all,how about changing the selection list from using small boxes to check marks,i dont want to find all files but i want to check off pictures,documents and videos.right now i can only do videos or documents or pictures or i have to choose all.well i am assuming most of the files that arent recoverable or things like compressed files and when i use all i see alot of things that i didnt want to find again,so when i have them go into a default folder i have to go through everything and weed out what i dont want again.So please get rid of the little dotted circles and put boxes that i can check off what i want Recuva to find,keep the all selection there too in case somewhere in the future i do what to use find all files.thank you i dont think that this is a hard thing to do,looking at the great products that you make and a thumbs up i didnt know you were the makers of Ccleaner too

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If you go to advanced view (as opposed to wizard) you'll get what you are looking for (If I understand your post that is)



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