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Do Microsoft Security advisers need psychiatric help ?


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Title: Microsoft Security Advisory Notification

Issued: August 14, 2012


Security Advisories Updated or Released Today


* Microsoft Security Advisory (2661254)

- Title: Update For Minimum Certificate Key Length

- http://technet.micro...dvisory/2661254

- Revision Note: V1.1 (August 14, 2012): Executive Summary

corrected to help clarify that after applying this update,

customers need to use certificates with RSA keys greater than or

equal to 1024 bits in length.

I understand that to indicate that a shorter key length such as 256 bits should no longer be trusted.


Why do they start the message with


Hash: SHA256


That 256 bit certified warning against less than 1024 bits looks to me like a reality disconnect :)


Incidentally, does this mean that I should now enhance my WI-FI WPA2 password to at least 1024 bits to stop a drive-by intercept ?

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