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Temporary Internet Files - problem

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Here's a REAL strange one. I have this option checked however on ANALYSIS, CC NEVER FINDS any temporary internet files - there's not even a line item shown for this item- Cookies, History, no prob but NO temporary internet files! However when I RUN CLEANER, it then has NO PROBLEM finding temporary internet files indicating how many MB or whatever were removed and I can click on the item and see them all! WHAT is this? Reinstalled, made no difference! ***OTHER variation on this, number of temp i.e. files reported after analysis WAY too low! Have Win 7 latest everything IE 9.0 latest CC latest etc.

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I am not sure at the moment how I may assist you, Matt. I am using 3.21 of CCleaner & when I click analyze, it shows the same as running a cleanup does.


What version of CCleaner are you using, and are you using installed or portable version? Are you on 32 or 64 Bit 7?


There are other factors that (may) factor in, such as:


1) How old is your Windows installation? Fairly new/clean, or lots older? Sometimes people pick up malware that blocks/changes what is shown to legit cleaning programs.

2) What kind of security do you have on your system? Running multiple security suites can interfere with each other & even other programs that try to clean.

3) How long has this been going on, and does it occur with older versions of CCleaner? If you have the installed version, what happens if you use portable?

4) Adding/Removing programs over time can cause problems. Example: Update from Java 5, to 6, to 7. Uninstall 5, & it may remove uninstaller data preventing you from removing the other versions. Not saying this is a problem with Java, but that it can happen with certain programs. These can cause problems over time because of registry entries incorrectly referencing files that no longer exist or are valid.

5) Do you run registry cleaner? This is a double edged sword. It can ruin your system if haphazardly used with abandon. If you have run it, perhaps this has caused registry keys to become deleted that cause Analyze to fail. On the other hand, if you have NOT run it, perhaps running it may help remove references to files that no longer exist & help Analyze to start back working. If you DO run it, I normally untick Unused File Extensions as this has the most potential for err, & allow it to backup just in case.

6) When is the last time you rebooted? If you are running a server, sometimes Windows can have weird things happen if you do not reboot for extended periods of time. I have a desktop with 4 GB RAM running Windows 7, & after a few months of sleep/wake, sleep/wake cycles, it began to do weird things till I rebooted.

7) When is the last time you checked what is running on Startup/BHO/Tasks/Context Menu? Usually recommend to disable all that you do not need/use.

8) Are/do/have you any torrent programs running? They can flood your internet connection with requests, making it all but impossible for any other traffic to get through. They can also slow your PC, or cause other problems if your not careful.

9) Are you running CCleaner in a limited, or full admin account? Limited accounts can limit program options sometimes.

10) If you know a specific date things went wrong, perhaps System Restore can restore back to a working date.


I am not sure if any of this will help, but it is worth trying. Post back if anything has helped.

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Ok these are some great suggestions, yes I am running the free version of CCleaner, but this is a troubling issue, can I send screenshots of before and after cleanings........................how can I upload?


Running Win-7 32 bit with all updates, 9 month old install, run a very clean machine, no intrusive symantec-Norton-Mcafee octopus virus suites running (hate those), no torrent programs...no unusual BHO's...no unusual autoruns....no strange event viewer messages. I do not run registry cleaners. I have re-installed this....using 3.20.1750... this appears old already! I am going to install newer version.


Did not seem to occur with prior cleaner. How does CCleaner store paths to search?


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this is an odd bug, indeed

if there is Nothing found (analyze or clean) it shouldn't even list it ( I was actually going to doctor a screen shot when I asked my above question but noticed the absence of any entry when the ite is empty)

just to make sure you got ccleaner from either file hippo or this site itself?


most ccleaner items are plaintext, except sadly browser entries such as what we are discussing in this thread, however analyze and clean (give or take a few mb here and there) should give the same results




Do your Registry Cleaning in small bits (at the very least Check-mark by Check-mark)


CCLEANER, RECUVA, DEFRAGGLER AND SPECCY DOCUMENTATION CAN BE FOUND AT  https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us and  https://www.ccleaner.com/docs

Pro users file a PRIORITY SUPPORT request at https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

link to WINAPP2.INI explanation

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Excellent thoughts about non standard IE temp files placement, but if it cleans IE files even if they are non-standard location, shouldn't it show in analyze too?


P.S. This has me curious. I wonder if you get the same results if you try:


CCleaner 3.17

CCleaner 3.18

CCleaner 3.19

CCleaner 3.21


I skipped 3.20 since you already have it. Filehippo.com has the older versions. I was wondering if you can test those versions & see when the bug starts to occur.

It will be very interesting to see if the older, or the newer versions still exhibit the same behavior. And if so, which of them do so.



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Wait till CCleaner can ANALYZE a similar amount of junk.


UNCHECK the Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet Files.


ANALYZE and take screenshot


CLEAN and take screenshot


CHECK the Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet Files.


ANALYZE and take screenshot


CLEAN and take screenshot.

The above may provide evidence that the Temporary Internet Explorer files are created by "something" as a result of the cleaning of something else.


Ok uploading screen shots of this! Screen shots taken 2 minutes apart as you can see..what the heck is going on.

Minor detail :-

I observe that there were actually two, not zero, Temporary Internet files found at Analyze.


Major detail :-

The task bar shows that a second instance of Windows Explorer was launched after the Analyze snapshot,

and 7 additional System Temporary Files changed from

359 files total size 52,065 KB to

366 files total size 51,608 KB

weird - more files use less space :rolleyes:

Also Recent Documents increased from 14 files to 17 (possibly 3 screen snapshots ?)

and Internet Cookies changed from

8 files 2 KB to

105 files 36 KB


If only Windows would stand still and not continually re-arrange itself.


Questions :-

Did you choose to launch the second instance of Windows Explorer, or did something else do that ?


Under Advanced do you have "Custom Files and Folders" checked ?

I have quite a few "custom" items which have recently been included as part of either CCleaner.exe or WinApp2.ini, and because I have not yet removed them from the custom list there is a mismatch between what is counted during Analyze and Clean.

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